Michèle Vicat
Founder - Director

Li Yuan
Art Director for 1Project

William Dowell
Technical Editor




3 Dots Water, an online publication, connects artists with galleries, collectors, cultural institutions, and a public interested in contemporary art.

Because we have established a relationship for more than ten years with Chinese artists, our site continues to explore the complexity of the art practices emerging from the plurality of Chinese culture within the national and global contexts. But, today, identities are perceived by new generations in an interconnected world.

3 Dots Water is now opening new sections by giving expression to artists who are increasingly influenced by new ideas and visions coming from Asia as well as to a younger generation, which is breaking through the limits of established cultures.

Presenting different generations of artists as well as artists placed between different cultures, 3 Dots Water creates an original platform among the artists them-selves, and constitutes the basis for an archival documentation of the making of art.

3 Dots Water is now composed of three sections:

1. Artist in Focus: a section that covers in depth portraits of artists with whom we have established a long relationship.

2. Currents: a section with interviews in which the contemporary vocabulary of the artists meets the vision and the appreciation of professionals in the art world.

3. 1Project: a section turned over to a young artist who brings us to the center of his or her creative process in presenting one project, a pièce unique.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, 3 Dots Water benefits from an international atmosphere that has attracted a growing number of major art galleries specialized in modern and contemporary art.

Coming from an international background, 3 Dots Water has created a network that links Europe, the USA and Asia.

Michèle Vicat, the founder, publisher and editor, is Belgian and has worked in the art field in Brussels, Paris, Cairo, Tehran, Hong Kong and New York before being based in Geneva, Switzerland.

William Dowell, the technical editor, is American and has an extensive expertise in journalism. He has worked for international publications in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Li Yuan, the artistic director & manager of the section  1Project , is Chinese. She lives in Switzerland where she is doing a Masters in Design at HEAD (La Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design) in Geneva. As a young artist, she has already done several projects for galleries and museums.